Power of words
Power of words

Power of words

Campaign messaging, brand messaging, communicating critical content – it’s what we do. Getting the words right elevates design and creates evocative, compelling storytelling.

Critical, serious content can require sensitivity and restraint. D&CO was honored and humbled to design a historic document for Georgetown University: Report of the Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation. The 120-page book outlines Georgetown’s difficult and widely publicized history with slavery and details a comprehensive set of recommendations to account for – and redress – its difficult past. The Report’s understated yet dignified design reflects the sobering nature of the subject and the University’s effort for reconciliation.

Getting college students’ attention is not easy. For a Harvard campaign to better understand campus sexual misconduct via participation in an anonymous survey, D&CO did not use photographs. Instead, we designed a series of bold, text-only posters featuring evocative headlines and placed them throughout campus – including bathrooms. It was the words, and their unexpected placement, that received attention. Survey response was overwhelming as the campaign successfully illuminated important sexual misconduct activity.

This internal campaign for a Sage Therapeutics’ employee referral program is an example of the power of words and simple graphics to promote action. Bold and direct, the posters were designed by D&CO and printed in-house at Sage. The design promoted the program’s focus on enlisting current employees for new employee referrals in a win-win campaign. You find the employee, you keep the reward.

We believe the common adage that a picture is worth a thousand words – it’s why we put so much emphasis on great photography and video to tell stories. A great image paired with an evocative headline or caption can distill those thousand words into a single, compelling idea. Our website for Duratherm Windows does just that, elevating what could be a straightforward product-focused website into a brand with a peerless, attention-to-detail focus.



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